Most Popular Team-Building Training Topics for 2023

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Teams have been put to the test these last few years. In addition to our top leadership programs, we’ve seen an increased interest in our most popular team-building training topics, and we wanted to share our list of the most requested topics that businesses have been planning for 2023.

    1. Virtual Team-Building Training

      This one is no surprise. As more and more teams are working remotely, many people need help adapting to working as a virtual team. Working remotely has its own challenges, as many people have recently discovered. But it also has many benefits. The factors to keep virtual teams connected and successful include having communication agreements in place, using technology effectively, having a plan for managing conflicts, connecting on a personal level on non-work topics, respecting teammates’ boundaries, ensuring full participation in team meetings, being flexible and trusting teammates — the list goes on. This training will give you the skills for a highly effective virtual team.
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    2. The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team

      Most teams are comprised of smart, capable people who understand that they can achieve more as a team than they could on their own. After all, teams of people are what drive results in companies, not the lone mavericks who try to tackle everything. But not all teams are built on a solid foundation of trust, leadership, and alignment. In order to achieve team success, you must first be a cohesive team. The path to creating stronger and more cohesive teams is to build trust, learn how to engage in productive conflict, commit to decisions, hold each other accountable, and focus on achieving collective results. Powered by Everything DiSC®, The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team will help you understand your own DiSC® styles and how to bring together everyone’s personalities and preferences to form a cohesive, productive team. It takes work but the payoff can be huge—for you, your team, and the organization.
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    3. Improving Workplace Relationships Using DiSC®

      Teams are comprised of many different types of people, who express themselves and process information in a variety of ways. It’s true that our differences make us stronger but what happens when our differences cause confusion, stagnation, or frustration. Teams need a framework and a common language to make sense of their differences so that they can learn what to expect from each other, and the best way to get what the team needs. This is another great team training backed by the power of Everything DiSC that addresses the three of the most common challenges that teams face: motivation, conflict, and communication.
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    4. Conflict Management Training

      Conflict is a constant in today’s high-stress workplace. It’s integral to human interaction. So why can some people have a contentious conversation that results in a solution that all parties feel great about, while other people shut down as soon as things get heated? Or worse, they get defensive, lose their cool and lash out. There are ways to recognize your own patterns and learn to manage conflict in healthy, productive ways. It’s about improving your self-awareness around conflict behaviors so that you can reframe your thoughts and choose more productive behaviors during conflict. These are critical skills for any team leader or manager of people.
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    5. Employee Engagement Training

      What is the difference between an engaged employee and a passionate one? Engaged employees are conscientious about their work, do everything that is expected of them, and comply with policies and procedures to the letter. Then there are passionate employees. These people do whatever it takes to delight customers. They are emotionally committed employees who are passionate about their work, and the organization they work for. They love challenges, they are extremely agile, and they are constantly driven to learn new professional skills. Passionate employees take your organization to the next level. Now that many organizations are dealing with new remote teams, it’s even more important to check in with employees. This survey will tell you the level of passion your employees have for the work they do and for your organization. It will identify exactly why there is a lack of passion, what your leaders can do to increase passion, at both the department and team level.
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There is never a bad time to commit to creating cohesive, healthy teams. During times of crisis, making that investment is even more important. Get to know all our team-building training options.

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