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Businesses all over the world are facing a rapidly-changing work landscape for leaders and teams. The  2023 Workplace Learning Report by LinkedIn found that 93% of companies are concerned about employee retention. The report also showed that three of the top five factors that drive people to pursue new jobs reflect their desire to stretch and grow, such as opportunities for career growth and to learn and develop new skills. From high-tech innovations, remote team building, to communication gaps between generations, the demand for new leadership skills is growing at a rapid pace.  

Because of that, the number one way organizations are working to improve retention is by building a people-centric workplace culture. This requires new skills and competencies for leaders around topics including business skills, communication, emotional intelligence, and team building, to name a few. With the demand for new skills growing, how can trainers keep up delivering cutting-edge content?

Powers Resource Center (PRC) recently launched its Build Up Done-For-You Leadership Workshops to fill the gap for turn-key solutions that focus on the ever-evolving business leadership training landscape. By offering employee training materials that are award-winning, ready-made, with one-and-done-priced workshop content, trainers are given the tools they need without hundreds of hours being spent by businesses to develop new programs. This saves significant costs for businesses and frees up trainers who don’t have the time, team, or bandwidth to reinvent the wheel. This content is 100% customizable, editable, and brandable for each individual company, and ready and available to be used immediately. PRC’s training content is currently being used by 250 of the world’s top trainers in 18 different countries. 

PRC’s Build Up Done-for-You Leadership Workshops program targets key competencies identified as priorities in building a people-centric workforce. For example, the workshop topic “Leading with Emotional Intelligence” trains leaders to embody Interpersonal savvy, situational awareness, adaptability, and demonstrate self-awareness. Another topic, “Mastering Difficult Conversations,” trains leaders to demonstrate composure, emotional control and stability, and build conflict management skills. “Building Leadership Coaching Skills” gives leaders the tools to practice deep listening skills, coach their teams, learn to remain open-minded, while encouraging team success. Other training materials and topics include:

  • Best Practices for Leading Remote Teams – Drive engagement, collaborate, and direct work.
  • Being Resilient in the Midst of Change, Growth & Uncertainty – manages complexity, courage, managing ambiguity, situational adaptability, and growth orientation.
  • Hiring Great Talent – builds resourcefulness, organizational savvy, develops talent, and attracts top talent.
  • Setting & Aligning Goals with Strategy – Drives results, business insight, directs works, plans & aligns, initiative, helps others succeed
  • Defining Clear Expectations & Providing Effective Feedback – Directs work, collaboration, and nimble learning, drives engagement, and reflection.
  • Practicing Relationship Strategies That Build Trust – Builds trust, relationship building, and team management.

One Build Up training facilitator recently shared, “thanks to the done-for-you packaged topics and content, our training was organized into a yearlong Leadership Development program. Honestly, I don’t know how long it would have taken my team to develop the material on their own! Maybe, 100 hours? So far they have used five of the topics so realistically, maybe a whopping 500 hours?”

Saving time and resources is good business. Using award-winning, proven-successful content is the smartest option, especially when the demand is at its highest for quality training. The Build Up Done-For-You Leadership Workshops program is the easy choice for your employee training materials and content needs. 

Businesses can lock in introductory pricing and receive 15% off of the Build Up Done-For-You-Workshops if paid by June 30, 2023. Start here!


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