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Team Building

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Does your team building focus on helping teams communicate and collaborate effectively? Do they have each other’s back? Team trust is not a unicorn!

No one sets out to have a dysfunctional team. We know that ineffective teams are full of smart, capable people who want to have an impact. But people are exhausted, interrupted and need to create time to work on the human elements behind teamwork.


Our team building programs can help you build a solid team culture through insightful feedback, shared vulnerability, and a renewed focus on collective team results. Leverage our 25 years of team-building experience to help you create truly cohesive and agile teams in your organization.


We’ll get to the heart of the issue quickly and we’ll meet you where you work – online, onsite or at your team retreat.

Team Building Programs that Make a

Our innovative team building programs utilize proven models and tools from trusted authors and experts, yet they are fully customized for your unique issue and distinctive culture.

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Popular team building solutions include:

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With dedicated, intensive time away from everyday business demands, teams can achieve major changes quickly. A well-designed retreat can achieve great things for your business. It can help build commitment to a new vision, change strategic direction, solve significant business issues, create new ways of working together and contribute to developing a healthier culture for your organization.


We’ll go through a comprehensive assessment to discuss your current situation, most pressing issues and opportunities and identify your specific goals. From there, we’ll create a customized retreat strategy and determine the perfect location to be sure that your time together is highly valuable and gets you the results you dream about.

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The elusive goal of team trust. It’s the foundation for creating a cohesive team. It’s also sometimes hard to define, but you know when it’s there – and when it isn’t. So how do you get it? How do you create a team where everyone is aligned, working towards the same goals, and you have each other’s backs?

Team trust comes from an environment of consistency and communication. It’s focused on behaviors such as reliability, congruence, psychological safety, vulnerability and productive conflict. These things are hard earned on a team but ultimately worth the effort it takes to get there.

We’ll work with your team to discover what’s getting in the way of team trust and recommend the best path forward. A team assessment will create a baseline of where the team is today and create motivation for what’s possible.


The goal is to get your team committed to change, willing to be honest with each other about what’s needed to move forward. This highly custom program is designed to break down barriers, establish agreements, and move teams forward fast.

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Yes, we know it gets a bad rap. But if you do it right, it works. Team building programs should be engaging, interactive, high energy and fun! Our team building programs consist of a variety of experiential activities designed to provide personal insights, ah-ha moments, and a shared team experience that will result in a deeper understanding of what creates a powerful team.


Team building is ideal for new teams, merged teams, teams with new leadership, teams with a new strategic direction, blended remote teams.

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The remote workforce has been called the biggest driver of transformation in the workplace. People who work on virtual teams need a new set of skills.


Are your global virtual teams meeting deliverables, using effective communication and collaboration methods and up to date on what other team members are doing?


Our VTEP was designed to help your virtual team focus on team connection, authentic collaboration and collective results. And of course – it’s 100% virtual.


Tara Powers wrote the book on virtual team effectiveness – literally. Find out all the ways we can develop and support your virtual teams, at

Are you ready to start building cohesive teams in your organization?