Remote Worker + Virtual Team Support

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Our collaboration toolkit for remote workers, virtual teams, and the leaders and managers charged with implementing virtual workforce plans, policies, and procedures.

Remote Work Infographic

What makes remote teams work poster

This free infographic on What Makes Remote Teams Work will help the newly virtual understand three important factors to virtual team success. The combination of the right communication, technology and connection can create nimble, highly successful work teams.


Also check out our Connection Ideas for Virtual Teams infographic. Feel free to download and distribute these visual tools to your remote workers.

Virtual Teams for Dummies book

At PRC we are huge supporters of the virtual workforce. In fact, our CEO Tara Powers is a thought leader on the topic and author of Virtual Teams for Dummies. Because we work with clients every day on virtual team effectiveness, we understand the things that need to be in place to make them successful – the infrastructure, the technology support, leadership buy-in and, team charters and communication agreements.


Tara created this free Virtual Team Study Guide if you’d like to use her book to get your teams up to speed.


YES! There is additional support available for your remote employees while we weather COVID-19 together. Our clients appreciate our 90-minute LIVE webinars that help newly remote employees and leaders quickly and effectively “team” without being face to face. We are READY TO GO with these programs for your teams (cost is $2,500 for up to 50 attendees).


Please see the Remote Worker and the Remote Leader program outlines below to learn more.

Virtual Teams for Dummies poster


Is your company prepared to make the most of a remote work experience?