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Time is something we discuss often in the business world. Whether it’s about the lack of time or the best use of time, it is clear that in this ever-changing world, time is something exceptionally valuable to every company, especially those with learning and development teams

In the past three years, we have seen the workplace landscape change in ways that have left it nearly unrecognizable from what it once was. Not only are organizations operating more virtually, but the pandemic brought on what is now being called “The Great Resignation” as employees prioritize their own time differently, searching for a work culture that supports their evolving needs. A Gallup poll found that 48% of employees are actively looking for new opportunities. Post-pandemic employees are looking for workplaces where they feel cared for and trusted to get their work done and have flexibility and better communication while being offered more training and career development. As the year is coming to an end, how is your L&D team using this time to address these changing needs?

Communication in a more virtual workplace has brought new challenges that many were not prepared for. This means more training is necessary for businesses to adapt to these ever-evolving changes. According to the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report, 50% of all employees will need reskilling by 2025 as the adoption of technology increases, and 40% of workers will require reskilling of six months or less. But when designing much-needed leadership training programs takes hundreds of hours, and the demand is immediate, how can your L&D managers make the best use of that valuable time? 

Thankfully there is a solution that can save your bottom line weeks of work and significant dollars that would have been spent reinventing the wheel on building leadership training programs. Our “Build Up” Done-for-You Workshops offer a turn-key solution that can meet all your training needs without losing that valuable time. And right now, this program is being offered at introductory pricing through December 31st. As the demand for leadership development grows, and the year-end training budgets need to be used or lost, this is the best value for time and money you can get to train your teams and leaders.

Using over 25 years of expertise, PRC’s CEO Tara Powers has created award-winning training content that has been used by some of the top Fortune 250 companies such as Allstate, Philips, Aflac, The World Bank, McDonald’s, and many more. These programs can be used immediately to positively impact leadership behavior and up-level skills. Multiple training topics are offered that can be purchased a la carte and customized for your organization’s specific needs. The learning programs range from short half-day programs to full-day topics that can be mixed and matched to create a complete leader training series. 

There are several topics offered, such as Team Building in a virtual and hybrid environment. As more and more teams are dispersed in the virtual workplace, this has caused a breakdown in communication, collaboration, and trust. Many businesses are onboarding hundreds of employees that never meet the team in-person for maybe a year or longer. This learning program addresses how leaders can reskill teams to build trust and collaboration when they can’t meet face-to-face. 

Another high-demand training offered is Mastering Difficult Conversations ~ moving past conflict and towards cooperation. As more Millennials are joining the workforce, they like to receive and give feedback differently. Communication breakdowns are one leading cause of The Great Resignation. This workshop is an example of much-needed content to bridge this communication gap and keep a productive workplace. 

There are several more topics offered through the program, with new workshop content being launched later this month. You can explore the full list of topics offered here.

Facilitators are provided learner workbooks to use in the training, as well as a recommended agenda, facilitation guide, slides, pre and post surveys, and coaching tip sheets for learning managers. If your facilitators need additional support, there is the option to purchase coaching packages with Powers that range from three to nine sessions. Power’s guidance and expertise will not only train the trainers but also save you time and money for future programs. 

As the end of the year rapidly approaches, it’s time to prioritize what will keep your team strong and your leaders engaged. Don’t miss the chance to get this award-winning content for 15% off. More than 85% of our clients return again and again due to the successful results the “Build UP” Done-for-You Workshops has provided. It has saved them time and money and built a healthier and happier team of leaders and employees. Don’t let that year-end training budget go to waste. There is no better time than now! 

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