Can You Imagine It? ~ Developing Your Vision and Strategy

There is continuous talk in business about having a compelling mission and vision for your company but who really cares?

Well, you should. Whether you are a large corporation or a small business owner, having a vision is essential to be able to communicate a picture of the future of your business that others can see, understand, and support.

A vision helps motivate people into action. A vision engages, excites, and empowers people to move forward in a consistent direction together. A vision makes people more willing to make small sacrifices today for the hope of a better future. A vision helps people know what to do.

Convinced yet? I thought so. Then read on to develop an effective vision for your business with 7 key characteristics to include in your visioning strategy discussion.

7 Key Characteristics to Developing an Effective Vision

  1. Be sure your vision tells a story that people can imagine. Can they see it? Can they see themselves in the story?
  2. Appeal to the long – term interests of your key stakeholders. What do they care about? How are their values tied to your future?
  3. Be sure people believe its possible.
  4. It’s exciting. People are excited to hear about it, talk about it, and share it with others. That excitement builds momentum that begins to shift culture and align behaviors with how you will get there.
  5. The vision helps to identify what people should be focused on and what they should prioritize.
  6. It’s easy to talk about and explain to others.
  7. It’s flexible enough to remain relevant even when shifts in the industry, technology and customer needs take place.

When reading through these 7 characteristics ~ how does your company vision hold up? Perhaps this article will prompt you to engage in crucial conversations about your vision, where you’re heading, and how to ensure that your vision is compelling enough to propel your company into the future.

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