HOW TO Create & Maintain Emotional Safety at Work

emotional safety in the workplace

HOW TO Create & Maintain Emotional Safety at Work
Mythbusting: breaking down your vulnerability 

Constructing an emotional wall…not revealing your true colors or full self around your co-workers…being guarded with your authenticity…these are the old ways of thinking. The tendencies of corporate leadership in the past leaned toward “guarded to be safe” in order to be seen as brave and strong.

Turns out, these ideas are a complete farce and not helpful in building a strong, cohesive team. Brene Brown’s ground-breaking research and publications explore the possibility of re-thinking your professional instincts. In her Dare to Lead series, she dismantles the false notions around vulnerability in leadership and challenges today’s leaders to view their roles in a different light. Vulnerable leadership actually generates emotional safety and a foundation for trust within teams.

PRC’s CEO Tara Powers is a certified trainer and Dare to Lead facilitator. She offers her insight and expertise through decades of leadership development and training with advice on how to build a truly great team.

Today’s VLOG lays out 6 myths of vulnerability. In this 5-minute video, Tara explains why OLD thinking about protecting your vulnerability at work actually leads to LESS emotional safety.

Mythbusters: Breaking Down 6 Myths of Vulnerability:

1. Vulnerability is a weakness.

2. I don’t do vulnerability.

3. can go it alone.

4.You can engineer the uncertainty and discomfort out of vulnerability.

5. Trust comes before vulnerability.

6. Vulnerability is disclosure.

By debunking these myths in your workplace, you are taking the first step in laying the groundwork for establishing emotional safety. In a vulnerable environment that is authentic and true, your team will build trust and function as a more healthy and cohesive unit.

If you are interested in learning more about how to create emotional safety at work, consider signing up your team for PRC’s Dare to Lead program before May 31st and get 20% OFF! Learn more HERE.

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