A New Era Brings New Problems: NOW Is the Time for Custom Solutions

Tara Powers on custom workplace solutions

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It is a remarkable time to be a working professional. We are barely out of a global pandemic that birthed one of the largest shifts in the workplace we have seen since the industrial revolution. Suddenly society as a whole woke up to a new realization and demand for work/life balance. The efficiency and ease of the digital workspace have led to demands for more flexibility in work. And from this, we are now in The Great Resignation, where employees are leaving jobs in record numbers in search of this balance, flexibility, and deeper fulfillment in their jobs. Leaders and teams alike are navigating new territory as we watch a new paradigm shift unfold before our eyes.

And through all this, a new generation of workers, Generation Z, are joining the workforce, many of them never having worked before the pandemic. By 2025, one-quarter of all employees will be from Gen Z. The latest American Opportunity Survey (AOS) has shown a generational gap in expectations of workplace culture. This new generation not only comes to the table with new, unique expectations but also a different approach to work itself and processing information. They are the first generation that has been plugged into the Internet from day one. Mental and physical health are key priorities for them. And this highly-informed workforce comes equipped with new tools AND new standards.

In general, this generation wants more flexibility and freedom in the workplace. Work from home? Yes! Unlimited time off as long as they complete their work? Yes! And forget trying to micromanage these youngsters. They are likely to be front and center to find the answer given how tech-savvy they are. But what they do crave is feedback, so coaching them on their strengths and giving them a clear list of expectations is a top priority.

Gen Z-ers need clear communication and structure, so giving them clear expectations from the beginning is essential. This generation has had unlimited access to information and technology, so they are more accustomed to working on their own terms. Being open to new ideas from them and giving them flexibility in their work schedules is important. 

Of course, leaders also have expectations. In this new workspace, there is an added level of accountability that leaders expect of employees to get their work done. With this new remote working environment, the few in-person meetings or days at the office hold more importance for team building and interpersonal communication. This may clash with the expectations employees have for more flexibility. The same clear communication Gen Z employees expect from leaders, leaders also expect from them. But the method may be different as employers have been more accustomed to a hands-on approach. So how do employees and employers alike bridge this gap as we face this new professional landscape?

Powers Resource Center (PRC) is the ideal partner to work with to find solutions to these evolving organizational challenges. No team is the same, and no two leaders or team members are the same. What is required as we reinvent the modern workplace wheel is creativity and proven training and communication methods that can be custom designed for your unique workplace. From team building programs to leadership development to virtual team effectiveness workshops, PRC can provide your company with the tools needed to succeed in this modern landscape. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. And you don’t need to settle for one.

To find out more about PRC’s custom solutions visit our Custom Solutions page then schedule a time to begin your path to a stronger team!

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