Team Alignment Survey & Workshop

Team training with alignment assessment

Length & Format: 

One to Three Days, Onsite/Company Specific, or Live Interactive Webinar

Class Size: 

8-25 participants


Alignment is not just for cars and chiropractors. It is also essential for any team to accomplish its goals. Lack of alignment in teams can be very time-wasting, energy-draining and ultimately costly.

This course is a two-step process – the Team Alignment Survey followed by the Team Alignment Workshop.

The Team Alignment Survey measures two underlying factors that determine team success – alignment and trust. In addition, the survey goes in-depth to measure clarity (the degree to which team members are clear on their purpose, values, vision and goals) and approval (the degree to which team members approve of where the team is going and how they are going to get there).

The Team Alignment Workshop provides support and facilitation with the team leader and each team member to understand the survey results, create team action plans and develop ongoing team alignment.

Who Should Attend:

High Performing Teams

Training Workshop Sections

The Team Alignment Survey covers two critical aspects – Team Alignment and Team Trust.

Team Alignment Report focuses on the six factors on which team members must be aligned — Purpose, Values, Vision, Goals, Procedures and Roles. The Team Trust Report shows the levels of trust perceived by the team, based on the four behaviors that build trust Acceptance, Openness, Congruence and Reliability.

The Team Alignment Workshop follows the data gathering of the Team Alignment Survey, and provides in-depth support, facilitation and data interpretation. You will receive:

  • Workbooks for each team member attending the debrief
  • One-on-one debrief for the team leader
  • Debrief session for all team members
  • One-on-one coaching for all team members, followed by an in-depth team action planning session.
  • Tools and advice for developing team alignment
  • Option to avail of additional training to increase team alignment and accelerate team achievements.

At Powers Resource Center (PRC) our passion is creating a culture of connection by developing engaged, emotionally intelligent leaders and truly cohesive teams. We believe in the radical idea that your career should bring you joy, fulfillment and stretch you out of your comfort zone. We become your trusted partner that brings fresh insights, strategic thinking and straightforward, honest advice to help you build a thriving, agile workplace.

  • We Build Cohesive Teams by instilling trust, supporting productive conflict, gaining commitment, fostering accountability, and achieving collective results.
  • We Develop Connected Leaders who are authentic, agile, collaborative, curious, emotionally intelligent, and both excellent communicators and deep listeners.
  • We Align Executives by creating an environment of trust, increased accountability, accelerated decision-making, personal responsibility, and performance.
  • We Make Data-Driven Decisions through assessments, surveys, and certification. Do a pulse check or full diagnostic of your organization, and have the right strategies on-hand to respond to the results.

Our workshop pricing is determined by the value and results the program delivers, length of program, the level of on-boarding needed, and customization required.

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