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Tara Powers teaching how to elevate leadership

How To Elevate Leadership with Emotional Intelligence

Unlock Success With Our Done-for-You Employee Training Content Exceptional leaders are distinguished not only by their technical skills but also by their ability to navigate the complex world of emotions. Emotional intelligence (EQ) plays a pivotal role in fostering effective leadership and driving success in

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Wiley Diamond Award for DiSC and Five Behaviors

PRC Receives Diamond Award from Wiley for its DiSC & 5B Partnership

Denver, CO – Powers Resource Center (PRC), a talent development and leadership training company specializing in remote work and customizable training workshops, is excited to announce that it received the Diamond Award for Wiley’s Everything DiSC and Five Behaviors Authorized Partner Programs. The Diamond Award

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Tara Powers on custom workplace solutions

A New Era Brings New Problems: NOW Is the Time for Custom Solutions

This new generation not only comes to the table with new, unique expectations but also a different approach to work itself and processing information. They are the first generation that has been plugged into the Internet from day one. Mental and physical health are key priorities for them. And this highly-informed workforce comes equipped with new tools AND new standards.

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