PXT Select Certification Program

PXT Select assessment certification

Length & Format: 

Pre-work, three 90-minute virtual sessions, interactive webinars

Class Size: 

up to 50 participants


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Never make a bad hiring decision again. With PXT Select, you will hire the right people for the right jobs to succeed at performing the right tasks. In this certification course, you will learn how to incorporate PXT Select into your overall hiring process, and get the expertise and confidence to implement PXT Select within your organization.


Keep your PHR certification active and earn SHRM Professional Development Credits (PDCs). This course is worth 12 PDCs.

Who Should Attend:

All positions with an integral role in the talent recruitment, selection, hiring and onboarding process.

Training Workshop Sections

In this certification course, you will demonstrate proficiency using the PXT Select assessment, performance models and reports in candidate selection. Learn the ability to effectively partner with all stakeholders and be able to analyze your organization’s needs and design the most appropriate PXT Select process.

MODULE 1: BEYOND THE BASICS. This module provides the foundational knowledge about selection tools where you will learn what selection tools can and cannot do, how to increase proficiency using the PXT Select Assessment, Performance Models and reports in candidate selection, gain a solid understanding of what exactly is measured within the Thinking Style, Behavioral and Interest sections of the PXT Select, and finally you’ll learn what a Performance Model is, why they matter and how Performance Models impact the selection process.

MODULE 2: APPLYING PXT SELECT. In this module, you will gain an understanding of how to effectively use the suite of PXT Select Reports when selecting, onboarding, coaching and developing employees. Specifically, you will apply your knowledge in using the Comprehensive Selection Report through evaluating candidates and determining next steps based on the actionable data, increase competence and confidence working with the PXT Select Research Report and underpinning science, and practice analyzing key data and determining what data is relevant to the hiring manager when making a selection decision.

MODULE 3: EXPERT PRACTITIONER. In this module, you will identify common workplace issues and selection strategies for resolution. Specifically, you will consider various employee-related problems and learn how the PXT Select provides actionable data to help solve those problems. You will also consider how to change ineffective practices when selecting employees, explore a hiring manager’s selection need and solutions to address that need, and determine how to overcome a hiring manager’s objections.

You will conclude your PXT Select Expert Practitioner Certification with a capstone project presentation to synthesize learning, along with the PXT Select Certification Exam. Upon successful completion of the Course and Certification Exam, you will earn the credential of PXT Select Certified Expert Practitioner.

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