Executive Coaching Program

Executive coaching package

Length & Format: 

6-12 Months, Onsite/Company-specific or Live Interactive Webinars, Executive Education

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As Leaders, your Executives have incredible influence. Their strengths can empower and energize your teams, define your culture, and leave lasting legacies. Providing your Executives with the feedback, support, and resources to understand and leverage their personal values and strengths and recognize and adjust when necessary, is one of the best investments you can as an organization.


According to the International Coaching Federation (ICF) leaders who participated in coaching saw 50 – 70% increases in work performance, time management, and team effectiveness. The same study also found that 86% of companies who used coaches made back their initial investment in the coaching process.


The Executive Coaching program incorporates the dynamics of unique assessment tools with the energy of a personal coaching relationship. Conducted over a period of 6 – 12 months, the process will initiate personal shifts in attitude, behavior, style and focus that can have a positive ripple effect throughout your organization. The course will employ pre and post 360 assessments, in person coaching, online meetings, progress tracking, unlimited email support and more.


In this Executive coaching program, Executive Leaders will:


  • Uncover strengths and opportunities using a powerful 360 assessment tool and work collaboratively with their Executive Coach to put together a strategy on how to address those areas.
  • Work with a highly skilled professional who acts as a confidential, unbiased sounding board and provides objective feedback and guidance on what’s working and what’s not.
  • Improve Executive communication and presence, expand peer relationships, build emotional intelligence and awareness.
  • Engage in behavioral change and mindset shifts without removing them from their day-to- day responsibilities.

Who Should Attend:

CEOs, Executives, Senior leaders

Training Workshop Sections

This Executive Coaching Program is a 6 – 12-month process designed for any of the three specific needs that Executives face below:

Integration: Integrates Leaders onto a new Executive team, helping them to quickly gain the trust of their peers and direct reports and identify the most strategic ways to support and champion company culture.

Targeted: Focused on a specific skill area, behavior or difficult situation where the Executive needs support. The Executive will receive targeted coaching and build a specific plan of action to move forward.

Comprehensive: Goal is to enhance Executive performance, mindset and development in a variety of areas. Uses a process of inquiry, dialogue, discovery, experimentation and evaluation to improve professional performance and presence, evaluate the right mindset for impactful leadership, and discover leadership legacy

At Powers Resource Center (PRC) our passion is creating a culture of connection by developing engaged, emotionally intelligent leaders and truly cohesive teams. We believe in the radical idea that your career should bring you joy, fulfillment and stretch you out of your comfort zone. We become your trusted partner that brings fresh insights, strategic thinking and straightforward, honest advice to help you build a thriving, agile workplace.

  • We Build Cohesive Teams by instilling trust, supporting productive conflict, gaining commitment, fostering accountability and achieving collective results.


  • We Develop Connected Leaders who are authentic, agile, collaborative, curious, emotionally intelligent and both excellent communicators and deep listeners.


  • We Align Executives by creating an environment of trust, increased accountability, accelerated decision-making, personal responsibility and performance.


  • We Make Data-Driven Decisions through assessments, surveys and certification. Do a pulse check or full diagnostic of your organization, and have the right strategies on-hand to respond to the results.

Our workshop pricing is determined by the value and results the program delivers, length of program, the level of on-boarding needed, and customization required.

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