DiSC® for Managers Training

Everything DiSC® Management

Length & Format: 

Full day, Classroom, Onsite/Company Specific, or Live Interactive Webinar

Class Size: 

8-25 participants


Congratulations! You’re the boss. Now what? In this management training program, you will learn about your strengths and challenges as a manager and how to adapt to meet the needs of the people you manage — making you a more effective manager. You will also learn how to read the styles of the people you manage so that you can adapt your style to manage more effectively.


Keep your PHR certification active and earn SHRM Professional Development Credits (PDCs). This course is worth 3 PDCs.

Who Should Attend:

All levels

Training Workshop Sections

Everything DiSC® Management report increases management effectiveness by focusing on five key areas:

Module 1: Introduction to Your Management Style: Participants discover how DiSC affects management style, including decision making and problem solving. Participants will also learn to identify others’ DiSC styles using behavioral cues.

Module 2: Directing and Delegating: Managers discover their strengths and challenges when directing and delegating. And how to adapt their behavior to manage people more effectively.

Module 3: Creating a Motivating Environment: Participants discover how DiSC styles influence how people are motivated.

Module 4: Developing Others: Managers learn how to provide resources, environments and opportunities that support long-term professional growth.

Module 5: Working with Your Manager: Participants learn to influence and communicate effectively with their managers by meeting their DiSC needs and preferences.

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At Powers Resource Center (PRC) our passion is creating a culture of connection by developing engaged, emotionally intelligent leaders and truly cohesive teams. We believe in the radical idea that your career should bring you joy, fulfillment and stretch you out of your comfort zone. We become your trusted partner that brings fresh eyes, strategic thinking and straightforward, honest advice to help you build a thriving, agile workplace.

  • We Build Cohesive Teams by instilling trust, supporting productive conflict, gaining commitment, fostering accountability, and achieving collective results.


  • We Develop Connected Leaders who are authentic, agile, collaborative, curious, emotionally intelligent, and both excellent communicators and deep listeners.


  • We Align Executives by creating an environment of trust, increased accountability, accelerated decision-making, personal responsibility, and performance.


  • We Make Data-Driven Decisions through assessments, surveys, and certification. Do a pulse check or full diagnostic of your organization, and have the right strategies on-hand to respond to the results.

Our workshop pricing is determined by the value and results the program delivers, length of program, the level of on-boarding needed, and customization required.

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