Focusing on three vital leadership priorities ~ Vision, Alignment, and Execution ~ I work with executive leadership teams to help them craft a bold vision for the future by experimenting and testing assumptions, create alignment so everyone is moving in the same direction, and champion execution using momentum, structure and feedback.

Using the Work of Leaders© integrated leadership development program as our guide, we’ll spend time encouraging reflection and discussion about your team and your organization, generating powerful conversations that provide a clear path for action, and studying real world examples that will help move you toward your desired outcomes.

By the end of this program you and your executive team members will:

  • The Work of Leaders Book smallunderstand the DiSC® model and how it informs your leadership role
  • know the 3 drivers of crafting a vision, how to characterize each driver, and how these drivers may influence a leader’s effectiveness
  • understand the three drivers of alignment, the behaviors that characterize each driver, how they may impact a leader’s effectiveness, and how different leaders’ approach each driver of alignment
  • be able to define and three drivers of execution and how to champion them to move more quickly toward your goals
  • have a better process for discussing the strengths and challenges of your leaders and how to effectively move toward improving behaviors in challenge areas
  • know how to guide each other in crafting an action plan for improvement

“As a small team of Leaders, we hired Tara as our coach to help us identify our strengths and personality traits so we could better understand one another’s points of view. Tara helped us to define the problem, to describe an ideal outcome and examples of when things had gone well in past, and then to outline the steps we needed to take to get us to that ideal.  Tara’s coaching allowed us to have discussions that we would not have been able to have without a coach/facilitator.  We were able to be solution oriented instead of just being focused on the problem. We realized a need for more communication and time together (without a large group).  I believe that through a better understanding of each other’s points of view, we will be more understanding, connected and assume best intentions.”– Noelle, Principal

If you’re ready to work together to improve the quality, output, and engagement of your executive leadership team, contact us today to discuss how we can bring the Work of Leaders© program to your company.

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