What Tara brought me was a whole new perspective on coaching and leadership and tools on how to be more expressive and communicative with my peers and leaders. Tara let me learn without telling me what to do and guided me on a path to successful interactions with my executive team. Thank you for the eye opening experience. – Business Support Manager, Bank of America

Margot CEO Technology for PublishingPRC’s deep expertise and experience in working with teams large and small helped us to clearly identify and target proactive changes to improve how we collaborate. Their work allowed us to successfully move forward with new focus and intention. If you don’t think you need help – think again – PRC has something to offer any organization, at any state! – Margot, CEO Technology for Publishing

As a young female coming up in my career, I have faced many challenges that were out of my control but affected me in a way that kept me for being a great leader. I wanted to re-focus my energy on the thing I could control and use my ambition to my advantage and not let it hinder my success. My biggest challenge was understanding my audiences and learning how to make my point. I immediately felt a connection to Tara when we were in the initial phase of reviewing the DISC spectrum. She made me feel comfortable with who I am and excited at who I could become. I am now able to remove my emotion and passion from much of my decision making and interactions with others. I have been able to re-direct some of that energy to solutions for problems and challenges I may face. I was very nervous to expect results from this coaching session as there has been a lot of pressure from my internal organization to change “who I am”. Once I figured out that there are so many people on the same path I was able to focus on what the behaviors I could control and successfully use the tools given to me. Thanks Tara, I could not have gone through this transformation with out you! – Stephanie, Catering Director at Denver Zoo

The Evolving Leader Virtual Program has provided the tools to help me provide the clear direction that I wanted for my own team, work with other teams and effectively communicate to management. I now have tools to deal with conflict head on instead of avoiding it.

The program was a great help to me as a leader. We won’t always have a mentor to learn from and I felt I just had to accept problems and my unmet expectations which were turning into resentment. Havinfraserg a forum to discuss and provide the tools to deal with issues I was encountering in my job was a relief and employing them into my team has resolved many of my daily stressors.

Anyone from the front line employee to the executive level would benefit from this program. Even if you do not have a team to manage, the program has some great tools that will help with dealing with your manager and other teams.”  – Fraser, Director at Mobile Messenger

I sought Tara’s help in implementing a shared leadership model with the administrative team at the school. Tara designed workshops and training sessions to help us reach our goals. She also provided many resources that have been helpful for the individuals on the team to read outside of the workshop training time. Tara helped us define a shared leadership structure, and helped us identify how we could put this model in place at the school given our unique variables (moving from theory to action). She also gave suggestions for running effective meetings and helped improve team dynamics by facilitating an increased understanding of individuals’ styles. Improved team dynamics, more effective working relationships and more efficient meetings. -Kelly, Executive Director of Education

I highly recommend Tara Powers for her ability to teach groups how to design and deliver effective presentations.  Tara has an obvious sense of confidence and knowledge in the fearful arena of public speaking.  When Tara delivered her presentation to our group she tailored her delivery to our specific audience level of up and coming leaders.  Her use of multiple teaching aids and styles kept the subject matter dynamic and engaging.  I was thoroughly impressed with Tara’s ability to get even the most reserved individuals of our group engaged with the process and genuinely interested in participating.

I am confident that the investment we made in time and money for Tara’s program “Building Powerful Presentations” was of great value toward the development of public communication skills and public speaking confidence.   I would not hesitate to use Tara’s services again. – Talbot Wilt, Vice President Alpine Lumber

Tara engaged with me on a coaching engagement to improve the working dynamics of the Technology Department and improve my management skills. We worked together on a couple of topics and each area of focus has provided me a better understanding of my impact to the team. She is very good at making sure I understand the point she is making and works with you in real world examples to demonstrate the topic.  – Eric, Director of Development