Solenis Leadership Workshop Materials


Facilitator Contact Information:



Kick Off Session Recording:

Coaching Groups: Access your coaching groups by clicking HERE


Pre-Work To Be Completed Before Training Workshop Session One on June 20th:

    • Complete your Emotional Intelligence Assessment sent to you via email
    • Complete the SOLENIS Strengths and Opportunities Assessment Fillable PDF.  Remember to send an electronic copy to your manager and ask them to complete page 2 as well. Then meet for 30 minutes to discuss your ratings and agree on your development plan.


Resources for Emotional Intelligence:


Video Overview of EQ Results (for those that missed the EQ workshop) CLICK HERE 


Resources for Coaching Sessions with Brenda Abdilla: Appreciative Inquiry Handout


Resources for Session 2: LEADING SELF (with Tara):


Building a Communication Plan Resources: 


Strategic Thinking Resources: 


Resources for Session 3: LEADING OTHERS (with Tara):