8 Benefits Skillrater Can Bring To Your Performance Appraisal and Leadership Development Programs

1. Easy to roll-out and to use. Skillrater is a refreshing alternative to the much-dreaded traditional 360 review. It is built on a social platform that is familiar and comfortable to first-time users. It takes only a few minutes to give feedback using Skillrater.
2. Customizable feedback. Most 360s and other performance appraisal tools are based on prepackaged parameters. Skillrater is uniquely designed so that any skill or quality can be plugged in and rated. The Skillrater feedback tool always zooms on a specific recent event or activity.
3. Specific feedback. One thing people hate about many performance appraisals are the long, boring reports that are generated (and which often go unread). Skillrater feedback takes the form of short, meaningful responses to specific events and activities.
4. Timely feedback. Almost all performance and assessment tools work on an annual or quarterly basis, generating feedback that is instantly out of date. Skillrater gathers right-now responses that create immediate value.
5. Measurable feedback. Skillrater’s simple one-to-five rating system produces metrics that can be used to evaluate team members, measure change over time, and match workers to assignments.
6. Creating a culture of “always on” continuous feedback. Skillrater is a great vehicle for employees to begin the act of consistently asking for feedback from key stakeholders and customers.
7. Continuous feedback leads to continuous improvement. By providing frequent and consistent feedback, Skillrater helps employees continually reflect on their opportunities to improve.
8. Positive feedback that emphasizes appreciation and advice. Studies have repeatedly shown that negative feedback is counterproductive. The best kind of feedback reinforces the positive, recognizes improvement, and provides forward-focused advice. Another great benefit of the Skillrater feedback tool is that it causes employees to see and appreciate the strengths and skills of their co-workers. That builds the team and increases the value of the network.



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