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Topics Available & Competencies

Topics Aligned Competencies
Moving From Bud to Boss ~ The mindset of the successful new manager Drives vision & purpose, strategic mindset, leader identification
Leading with Emotional Intelligence Interpersonal savvy, situational awareness, adaptability, demonstrates self-awareness
Mastering Difficult Conversations ~ Moving past conflict and towards cooperation Demonstrates composure, emotional control and stability, conflict management
Building Your Leadership Coaching Skills Practice deep listening skills, coaching, agile communicator, open minded, helps others succeed
Best Practices for Leading Remote Teams Drive engagement, collaborates, directs work
Being Resilient in the Midst of Change, Growth and Uncertainty Being resilient, manages complexity, courage, managing ambiguity, situational adaptability, growth orientation

Talent Development Topics

Topics Aligned Competencies
Hiring Great Talent Resourcefulness, organizational savvy, develops talent, attracts top talent
Setting & Aligning Goals with Strategy Drives results, business insight, directs works, plans & aligns, initiative, helps others succeed
Defining Clear Expectations & Providing Effective Feedback Directs work, collaboration, nimble learning, drives engagement, reflective
Leading Effective and Empowering One on One’s Ensures accountability, collaborates, builds networks, communicates effectively
Using Coaching to Influence and Develop Your Team Instills confidence in others, drives engagement, develops talent, influence, coaching and counseling
Managing Performance Discussions Results orientation, visioning, drives goals and performance
Practicing Recognition and Motivational Techniques Positive impact, inspires others
Practicing Relationship Strategies That Build Trust Builds trust, relationship building, team management

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