Want Your Next Corporate Conference to Provide Value Out the Ying-Yang?

Let Tara and the team at Powers Resource Center help launch your next conference!

Tara has designed a proprietary process that helps to ensure that your corporate conference is engaging, inspiring and gears up your teams for transformational change. Your conference will be the talk of the town because it’s experiential, gets results, and inspires people to take action. It also gets attendees involved with your conference or event long before it actually happens!

Conference launch components include:


Kickoff meeting and metrics establishment Tara and her team from PRC will meet with your team to finalize the specific objectives for the conference program, gather information for the scenario examples to be utilized, and finalize development and implementation schedule. We will establish metrics for tracking improvement in business results, employee satisfaction or customer attitudes.   The identified metrics will be measured prior to the conference as a baseline and then measured again 1 week and 30 days following the event.

Feedback and interview sessions with your best customers Tara’s team will interview your clients to gather valuable and important feedback about your company products, services, value and client relationships. This feedback is incorporated into the conference launch and aligned with your messaging for your company or team.

Skills pre-test for attendees Based upon information gathered during the kickoff meeting and content to be covered during the conference, PRC will design a skills pre-test to be distributed to attendees. PRC will administer the brief survey to establish a skills baseline.  Survey results will be utilized in finalizing the content for the conference kick-off session.

Recorded scenarios for use during the conference session In order to incorporate as much real-world practice as possible during the conference, we recommend having your team role-play several scripted scenarios that reflect common business challenges and situations.

  • PRC will help write the script for each scenario based on information gathered during the kickoff meeting or survey.  Ideally, the role play examples will include 2-3 situations that are handled correctly and 2-3 that are mismanaged.
  • During the kick-off session, the attendees will view each role-play then break into small groups to critique the scenario and identify next steps for handling the business situation.  The small groups will then report out their findings and recommended solutions.

NOTE: Video recording can be handled by PRC or internal resources.

FULL ENGAGEMENT RECOMMENDATION: To create a sense of excitement and competition, it’s helpful to incorporate a contest for best recommended solutions and award prizes during the event. We encourage a team of executive leaders to be part of the judges’ panel.

“Buzz” creation leading up to conference To help get conference attendees excited about the conference long before it actually happens, PRC will assist in the creation of 3-4 messages that can be sent to participants in the weeks leading up to the event. These messages can be incorporated into your conference marketing materials. This could include postcards, video clips, surveys, announcements about contests, prizes and more. And if you need help planning your event or developing marketing materials? We gotcha covered!

Pre-program webinar with your conference team Tara will conduct a 60-minute webinar with your event team prior to the conference. The webinar will include a review of the content that will be covered during the program; specific action items your team can do to get attendees excited about the event; and guidelines/ideas to ensure post-event implementation and action.

Delivery of conference launch kick-off session Tara will deliver a 90-minute to 2.5-hour high-energy/high-engagement kick-off session at the start of your conference incorporating key learning and insights from the survey, as well as incorporating real-world case studies and videos. Attendees will leave engaged and excited for the rest of the conference. They will be prepared to share, learn and grow.

Post-program coaching call with conference team Following the event Tara will conduct a 30-minute group coaching call with your event team to review results and best practices to support attendees in implementing their action plans.

Post-program skills test with attendees One week following the conference and again at 30 days, we will re-administer the skills test to all participants to identify improvement. PRC will assess the results and provide any recommended next steps.

If you are looking to create an extraordinary event and memorable conference for your company, hiring the Conference Launcher could be the missing component you’re looking for.

Please contact Powers Resource Center to discuss this option for your next conference at Info@PowersResourceCenter.com or phone: 720-893-2258.