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In this video training series I take you through each of the communication steps and how to discuss and explore them with your team, then I give you a plan of action so you can ensure high level communication is happening on your team and throughout your organization.

You will…

  • discover where your communication falls short
  • assess the effectiveness of your current communication behaviors and strategies
  • reveal the gaps that are preventing you and your team from getting the results you want
  • develop a plan to address the gaps so you can move forward on your vision and more

The best part about this program is that no matter how pressed for time you are, you can use it to improve communications across the board. In fact, I’ve designed it so that you can work through each step in under 30 minutes. (Each session includes a 6-8 minute video + questions to guide your discussion.)

You will walk away from this training with a deeper understanding of how well you’re communicating, the gaps that are preventing you from achieving a higher level of success, and exactly what you need to do to eliminate the gaps.

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