Newmeasures Assessments

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Gather and analyze full-spectrum data for your entire employee lifecycle with Newmeasures Assessments.

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Newmeasures Assessments  include:

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Ensure new employees have a positive experience from day one by getting feedback early on. The Newmeasures Onboarding Survey will help you be proactive in ensuring that employees:


  • Feel that the job meets their expectations
  • Are welcomed by others in the organization
  • Are supported by their supervisors
  • Understand the company’s culture and behavioral norms
  • Have what they need to get up-to-speed quickly
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Leadership Development surveys help your organization develop entrepreneurial leaders who bring out the best in others to drive results, foster innovation, and achieve your mission. Using an Upward Feedback Survey or a full-blown 360 Survey, leaders gain self-awareness and a focused development plan to leverage their areas of genius.


Features of the 360 tool include:

  • Understand if the leader’s style is balanced toward achieving results and valuing people
  • Highlights areas of genius, opportunity, and blind spots
  • Identifies gaps between the leader’s performance ratings and the ratings of others
  • Narrative comments provide rich detail on areas of genius and opportunity
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The enthusiasm and commitment of engaged employees must be targeted to create a competitive advantage for the organization. Use our off-the-shelf validated content, or work with Newmeasures Industrial Organizational Psychologists to design a survey that reflects the culture and strategy of your organization.


Support leaders with a variety of resources to help them get traction on survey follow up. Online action planning and best practices in the form of videos, books, and tips give leaders what they need, how they need it.


Leverage benchmark data from over 2-million survey responses from industries such as technology, manufacturing, hospitality, professional services, higher education, K-12, non-profit, public sector and more.

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Organizations change quickly and pulse surveys are a simple and effective way for leaders to stay in the know when it comes to employee morale. Leverage pulse surveys to understand how employees feel about an event, if initiatives are having the desired impact, or to get deep insight on a key topic.

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Our organizational culture survey tool, called the Culture Acceleration Survey, is designed to help organizations define and diagnose their organizational culture to determine if it is healthy and well aligned with the organization’s strategy.


Use the Culture Acceleration Survey to gain insight into:

  • If the members of a leadership team have a consistent vision and values for the organization’s culture
  • Where there are similarities or differences in the perception of culture by groups (i.e., leadership compared to employees; two merging organizations)
  • Cultural strengths and opportunities
  • What drivers of culture are most important to achieving strategic objectives
  • How to take action to have the biggest impact
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Employees who leave your organization may promote or harm your brand. How do you stack up?


Stop unwanted turnover dead in its tracks by understanding the key reasons why employees leave, who is competing for your talent, and where to focus improvement efforts based on key demographics.

Are you ready to enhance your employees’ experience and gain insight into the various stages of the employee lifecycle?