Book Tara Powers for your next conference or special event and you’ll get a speaker that will inspire, educate, entertain and provide practical tips that your attendees can put to work immediately. When you commit to the expense of gathering your team together, you should not waste one minute of their valuable time.

Why book Tara to speak at your event?

No matter what the topic of the session, Tara will keep the focus in the room. She insists on leading custom, highly interactive, insightful and engaging workshops, where everyone gets involved in a fun environment. She promises – no one will be checking their email.

Tara is a nationally sought-after keynote and conference speaker, with over 1000 speeches and workshops delivered over the past 15 years to audiences ranging from 10 to 500. Tara is an expert on boosting employee engagement, building leadership capacity, communication intelligence, corporate training, and building team trust and cohesion. Her fresh approach, combined with a heavy dose of humor, will leave your attendees wanting more. Whether you want a 45-minute keynote or a full-day workshop, Tara will teach and share her expertise in a simple, experiential and entertaining way.

Tara Powers inspiring people at an event

Sample Keynote and Speaking Topics

It’s not about IQ – it’s about EIQ
Today’s organizational culture requires that leaders have a rapid response to change and a high level of emotional intelligence, or EIQ. Your leaders are expected to manage and coach effectively, think strategically, motivate others, anticipate and lead change, encourage innovation, and build high levels of trust. It’s a tall order. And it is exactly why Tara built her award-winning Evolving Leader Program – to address these emerging leadership challenges. The program was recently recognized with two awards – Best Experienced/Senior Leaders Program and Top Leadership Partner – from, the largest global social networking and resource site for HR Professionals. Tara can lead your leaders through the key tenants of emotional intelligence – the ability to know, understand and respond to emotions, overcome stress in the moment, and be aware of how your words and actions affect others — in a highly energetic and interactive format.

More Women Leaders = More Profits
The research is clear – having more women in leadership roles correlates with increased profitability. Yet today women represent only 14.6 % of executive officers, 8.1% of top earners, and 4.6% of Fortune 500 CEOs. Tara wants to help close this gap. In this presentation, Tara will inspire women to become leaders in all aspects of their work and life – not just in the Board Room. Specifically, she can cover how women can understand and embrace their authentic leadership style and achieve better results, practice negotiation and communication techniques, identify strategies to address and overcome systemic barriers that women leaders face, develop a personal brand, learn techniques for creating an approachable, positive and powerful presence, and tap into the skills, experience and knowledge of a network.

It’s More Than Colorful Furniture and Casual Friday — Unlocking Creativity & Innovation
All major business publications are touting the need for greater creativity, innovation and non-traditional thinking. Yet few organizations and leaders have fully grasped what that means. Hint: it’s more than colorful furniture and a casual dress code. But there is an important distinction between welcoming the occasional out-of-the-box idea and cultivating innovation and creativity as an approach to doing business. Tara will talk about identifying the common barriers – and how to overcome them – and provide creative strategies to build an innovative culture in your organization.

Trust Wanted
Building a truly cohesive team is not easy. Team members must be willing and committed to being honest with one another, open to constructive debate, supportive of team decisions, and persistently hold one another accountable for achieving results. Based on the best-selling book “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team,” this program helps teams understand the key components that build a cohesive team including trust, conflict, commitment, accountability and results.

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes: Turn to Face the Strange
When change happens, it throws everything into chaos. Organizational change affects your leaders and everyone on their teams. It’s important to recognize and understand the normal emotions and behaviors that occur throughout the change process. In this interactive seminar, Tara can will teach your leaders about change and the natural emotional stages of change. She will also help you discover why others might resist change and how to bring them around to a place of acceptance and investment. Lastly, she will teach them how to adapt and manage the response to change and provide tips that your leaders can apply immediately.

Put a Fork in it: Employee Engagement is Dead
Are the reports of the death of employee engagement greatly exaggerated? The data shows that it had its moment, but it has failed. But there is a deeper story here, and it makes a strong case that finding, developing and retaining passionate employees takes the concept of employee engagement to a whole new level. In her presentation, Tara will focus on the importance of PASSION in your recruitment/hiring/training/retention cycle and introduce the 5 levels of passion with her custom graphic model, the passion pyramid.


Happy Clients

Tara can communicate break-through messages in a short amount of time, and her happy clients agree:
“Her positive energy, personable approach and deep subject matter expertise make Tara the ideal partner for enhancing the quality and outcomes of any team meeting.” – Scott Pettingell, VP of Customer Operations, Premier, Inc.

“Tara has an obvious sense of confidence and knowledge in the fearful arena of public speaking. I am confident that the investment we made in time and money was of great value. I would not hesitate to use Tara’s services again.” – Talbot Wilt, VP Alpine Lumber

“Loved the shift from engagement to passionate employee. This is what is going to bring companies to the next level. Very insightful!” – Kim Pisolkar, CEO Achieve It Inc.

How to Book Tara

If you would like to book Tara to speak at your next conference, workshop, or live event, download Tara’s speaker sheet and contact Powers Resource Center or call 720-893-2258.