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Below you will find all 6 video training sessions. There are a variety of ways you can use these depending upon your goals.

Here’s a simple six step process that has proven very successful for some of the teams I have worked with to review the model:

  1. Schedule a lunch and learn once a week for 6 weeks (or whatever schedule works for you).
  2. Gather your team together and begin by posing a question that is relevant to the day’s video. Allow them a few minutes to share their thoughts.
  3. Watch the video together.
  4. Give participants 5 minutes to assess their skills in each area and jot down their thoughts from the videos using the available worksheets.
  5. Open up the discussion so participants can share what they learned from the video, what stood out for them, and how they see that step impacting their work in and outside the team.
  6. Ask participants to share what actions they are going to take in the next week to put this step into practice and what they hope this new behavior will accomplish. You can open up subsequent meetings with feedback on what they did and what worked and what didn’t in order to build accountability into the process.

Download and Print: Communication Model Discussion Questions

Introductory Video


Step 1: Collaborative Mindset


Step 2: Recognize


Step 3: Noticing


Step 4: Understanding


Step 5: Discovery


Step 6: Synergy


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