What Do ‘The Incredibles’ and DiSC® Have in Common? A Ton!

graphic that says what do the incredibles and disc have in common? a ton!

Around my house, there is a lot of excitement for the new Incredibles movie coming out this summer. My daughters and I loved the first one, with its funny and powerful family of superheroes taking on supervillains.

The sequel to the first movie will be out soon and it got me thinking about how diverse personality types – like the ones depicted in the movie – must learn how to work together to achieve a goal, whether it’s a quarterly sales goal or defeating the evil Syndrome.

Think about it – Elastigirl’s superpower is great flexibility and adaptability. She is extremely resourceful and dexterous. Mr. Incredible has super-strength and durability. The boy Dash has super speed and the daughter Violet can create force fields and turn invisible. (The baby, Jack-Jack, is a wild card shapeshifter, and it will be fun finding out more about him!)

Just for fun, let’s take it a step further. If each of The Incredibles took the DiSC assessment, what would they learn about themselves? Judging by the first film, I’d say Elastigirl is strong in dominance – she is a confident leader, she sees the big picture, accepts challenges and gets straight to the point. Mr. Incredible is also dominant, but balanced with steadiness. He’s sincere, dependable and doesn’t like to be rushed. Dash is a classic influencer. He is charismatic, enthusiastic, optimistic and likes to collaborate. And finally, I’d say Violet is strong in conscientiousness, as seen by her methodical reasoning, competency, her need for details and her fear of being wrong.

Obviously, the team of the Incredibles is most successful when they work together and leverage each other’s natural talents and behaviors. The same is true for teams in the workplace. The DiSC model does provide a common language that people and teams can use to better understand themselves and each other. I believe in it because I have seen transform teams for more than 10 years. DiSC could be your ticket to an ‘Incredible’ team transformation.

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