The Cheapest Way To Keep Employees Happy

Wanna know what makes employees say “this is a great place to work?” It’s creating a recognition-rich culture. This is a culture where employees believe they are compensated fairly, supervisors appreciate the work their employees do, peers appreciate one another, and there is an overall good feeling employees have about themselves and their role. Is this your workplace?

If not, then listen up!

Here are 11 inexpensive ways to create a recognition-rich culture and keep your employees engaged and happy about their performance AND about your company.

  1. Let employees be involved in developing new programs (new hire orientation, mentoring, community service, etc.)
  2. Send thank you cards to employee and even their family members for their support.
  3. Provide the employee an opportunity to run a meeting, make a decision for the team, or decide which solution to choose.
  4. Invite the CEO or VP to attend a team meeting to thank the team for a job well done.
  5. Provide a reserved parking space for the month.
  6. Organize lunch with the president or BOD of the organization.
  7. “Get out of work FREE” Card. 1 vacation day, a day off, or extra hour for lunch.
  8. Develop a “Pay It Forward” card and every few months hand these out at a departmental staff meeting. Tell employees they have 48 hours to give this card to someone whom they work with who has made a little difference in their lives.
  9. Thank the team as a group for their involvement, suggestions and initiative. Send an email out to the rest of the organization recognizing their accomplishment.
  10. Allow employees paid time off to be involved in community projects.
  11. Provide your employee a “gratitude journal” with sentiments from employees who were positively impacted by their efforts.

I encourage you to take a look at your culture. Are your employees happy? If not, then start doing something small but significant for them today. These ideas will get you started and there are lots more where these came from!

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