Top 10 Secrets to Emerging Leader Success

graphic that says top 10 secrets to the success of emerging leaders

What is an emerging leader? It is a leader who understands his or her strengths and weaknesses. Someone who seeks feedback, communicates well and earns respect. A leader who is a good listener, gives recognition freely and often, and won’t hesitate to climb out on a limb when it matters.

As the founder and president of Powers Resource Center, I’ve been training and consulting for 15 years. One of the most powerful and effective programs we have developed is designed for emerging leaders. I’ve coached and trained hundreds of emerging leaders and emerging executives. What follows is a short summary of the top 10 key focus areas – or secrets – that are important to emerging leader success.

  1. Seek First to Understand – As a leader, we must learn to lead from where our people are. This requires flexibility, openness and a clear understanding of what people need from you. What are their competencies and deficits? What are their confidence levels?
  2. Play Well with Others – First, be very clear about your own management style and understand that others have different styles. Also, don’t assume, take responsibility and know how to criticize constructively.
  3. Ask for Help – Asking for help is an excellent way to build strong relationships, recognize the strengths of your team and it creates a proven decision making/delegation process.
  4. Give Thanks – Recognition can come in many forms – team incentives, manager to employee, peer to peer, whole team – and it can be formal or informal. As a leader, take advantage of your organization’s recognition program and give praise fairly and frequently, privately and publicly.
  5. Take Risks – Taking risk is about being innovative, being a leader, making an impact and building a brand. Be calculated, not foolish. Weigh the risks and consequences. Be an inspiration to your team by putting your neck out.
  6. Build a Brand – What do you want to be known for? Remember that you are the chief marketing officer for the brand called you, but what others say about your brand is more impactful than what you say about yourself.
  7. Have a Plan – Have an Individual Development Plan – IDP and also have a plan for your team. Ask these key questions: Where do we want to go? Why do we want to go there?
  8. Communicate – This is essential. Take into consideration all the key components of successful communication: purpose and intent, assumptions and beliefs, body language/non-verbal and feedback.
  9. Embrace Humility – Don’t be afraid to swallow your pride. Use these magic words: “You are right.” Catch yourself if you benignly slip into over preaching or coaching without permission. Ask your team: “How am I doing?”
  10. Share Everything you Can – Once you master the “secrets” of an evolved leader, don’t keep it to yourself. Be transparent and collaborative. Be an example for other emerging leaders and everyone wins.
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