Reward Yourself…. It’s Good Business

We are proud to announce that Powers Resource Center again received the Top Leadership Partner award for its Engage Leadership Development Program from, the largest global social networking and resource site for HR Professionals. Sure, you could say that winning a professional award is a nice pat on the back or an ego boost, but it is actually much more than that – it’s actually good business. And it’s something every organization should be doing.

See below for solid reasons to get out there and submit your work for an industry award.

  • Benchmarking – the process of applying for a business award will force you to look at your business and compare your work to your competitors. This exercise will help you think about ways to innovate and improve your company and your programs.
  • Credibility – Being short-listed, nominated and/or winning an award creates an instant 3rd party endorsement for your business. It is a seal of approval from an external, credible source and a sign of quality for potential customers, suppliers and competitors.
  • Motivation – Awards recognize the hard work and achievements of your business and all of your employees, so winning can boost morale and improve motivation. Everyone can take pride in the achievement of the award and it’s a great excuse to hold a celebratory event to make sure everyone gets the recognition they deserve.
  • Marketing – Winning an award can open doors to winning new business and breaking into new markets. Don’t let your humility get in the way of leveraging the award in all your marketing and public relations materials, and social media activity. You’ll see how an award can improve your networking opportunities by raising your profile in your industry.

No matter what size your business is, you can submit it for a business award. A quick online search will reveal, local, national and industry-specific awards to meet your needs. So don’t be shy – take the time to submit your work for the recognition it deserves!

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