PRC Presents on Virtual Teams at COSHRM

We had such a great time presenting on Virtual Team Effectiveness at the COSHRM State Conference in Keystone, CO last week! The theme of the event challenged attendees to THINK BEYOND the current state of HR and it did not disappoint in bringing together the best and brightest business and HR pros.

At the conference, PRC got involved in three ways: our CEO Tara Powers led an engaging breakout session on Virtual Team Building, she held a book signing and we hosted a booth at the expo.

We met so many great HR leaders and learned a lot about how companies are managing and supporting their virtual teams. Colorado is like many states with a mixed bag of 100% virtual teams and blended teams, businesses committed to the remote workforce and businesses deeply suspicious of having people work from home. By sharing our experience and research on virtual teams, we hope our insights lead to more understanding and support for virtual teams.

One great bit of feedback we’d like to share was from a virtual team manager, who said that the virtual teams at his company were so much more connected, efficient, engaged and generally more successful than the non-virtual teams at his company, that those managers were demanding to know the secrets so that they could achieve the same results. How about that! The virtual team leaders actually got to pass on their best practices in communication, trust and accountability to non-virtual team leaders – it’s like it was straight out of Virtual Teams for Dummies by PRC CEO Tara Powers! Love it.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth or attended our breakout or book signing!

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