Out of Sight, Out of Mind? Don’t Make This Mistake with Virtual Teams

Virtual teams are clearly growing at an unprecedented rate. But some companies are making a crucial mistake as they send employees off to their home-based offices.

I was interviewed as part of this article in Inc. Magazine, “The Best Companies Make This 1 Mistake With Virtual Employees.” Check it out for great insights on avoiding virtual team mistakes.

The take-away message is this – just because an employee works remotely, it doesn’t mean he or she doesn’t need leadership, a connection to the team and the larger organization. Collaboration, inclusion and communication are all important factors for leaders of virtual teams. There is no place for “hands off” management style for virtual teams. Out of sight, out of mind will spell disaster for virtual workers.

The good news is, these virtual team mistakes are completely avoidable, per my research and writing in Virtual Teams for Dummies. If you need help creating a comprehensive remote work policies and practices, contact me at virtualteamacademy.com.

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