OnCon ICON award nominations

2019 is off to a great start for Powers Resource Center! I am pleased to announce that we have been nominated for several OnCon ICON awards – Trailblazer, Contributor and Leadership.

These awards recognize icons in the categories of marketing, human resources and legal. Nominees are voted on by leading professionals within each job function or industry. The Trailblazer award recognizes innovation, pioneering and successful creativity, the Contributor award recognizes value to the industry through thought sharing, and the Leadership award recognizes value through leadership. The three nominations are an honor and I would be humbled to receive any of these awards. 

2018 was a breakout year for us, with the release of Virtual Teams for Dummies, our Virtual Team Academy program, and numerous other awards for leadership.

Wish me luck! I’m headed to the awards ceremony in Orlando, FL next week and I’ll let you know soon if I bring home an award.

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