HOW TO Assess Your Team’s Resiliency

How to Assess Resiliency

Personal resilience; another building block for creating a newly invigorated, connected team.

Does your team support the growth and cultivation of individual resilience? Effective teams blossom when all participants are emotionally strong and are able to work from a place of personal strength and growth, establishment of effective boundaries (essential for practicing resilience), and an open atmosphere for building this culture. By assessing and flexing employee resilience, teams can feel connected; strong and able to support each other as we return to work.

This short training video by Tara Powers, CEO of PRC and remote team expert, discusses a RESILIENCY WHEEL to evaluate personal resilience.  In her decades of working with teams, Tara has focused on assessment tools and custom solutions for personal and team growth.

In this video, Tara asks you to examine eight traits to assess personal resiliency and to focus on areas that may need nurturing to bring team members into balance. And remember: understanding your resiliency opportunities goes hand in hand with setting healthy boundaries at work. Don’t miss our Tara’s Tips video on this topic of boundaries here.  

Resiliency Wheel: Eight traits to practice/focus on:
  1. Mindfulness
  2. Acceptance
  3. Optimism
  4. Sense of Humor
  5. Empathy
  6. Internal Control
  7. Support
  8. Self-Care
How did you do? Does your wheel look balanced or are the areas in need of attention? By understanding and supporting avenues to focus on, teams can soar to new heights.  A resilient, focused team member is best positioned to contribute freely and effectively to team goals and workplace cohesiveness.

At PRC, our passion is creating healthy, connected teams. Our programs are fully customizable and may be conducted remotely or in person. If your team could benefit from an assessment or program tailored to your needs, we’d love to hear from you today.
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