The Aspiring Women Leaders (AWL) program offers a model of development that incorporates self assessments, experiential learning, group discussions, peer circles and engaging personal growth activities. Our results create more powerful and confident Women leaders at every level of the organization, which help organizations achieve better performance.

“In companies that have the top 20% of financial performance, 27% of leaders are women.
Among the bottom 20% of financial performers, only 19% of leaders are women.

– 2014 DDI/The Conference Board


This program is a developmental opportunity that goes beyond individual learning. Together, through an experiential learning process that continues over the year, women leaders will learn, discuss, share, and create customized solutions to embrace their purpose, overcome common challenges, seize important opportunities and overcome situations keeping them from achieving their goals in work and life.

Change takes time. Participants are supported throughout the program and beyond to ensure they apply these new behaviors. This developmental learning approach has longer-lasting results than standalone
training events.

With the guidance and facilitation of two influential and experienced women leaders, Tara Powers and Kim Cruz will maximize their personal power and establish a network of support designed to help them achieve their highest goals.


  • Learn to leverage peer circles as an integral support tool for personal growth
  • Develop your personal brand and consider your leadership legacy
  • Identify strategies to address and overcome systemic barriers that women leaders face
  • Learn techniques for creating an approachable, positive and powerful presence
  • Practice negotiation and communication techniques that convey confidence and authority
  • Tap into the skills, experience and knowledge of your network

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