5 Secrets to New Manager Success

by Tara Powers

It doesn’t take very long for most new managers to become disenchanted with their new role. In many cases, I have seen extremely capable “would-be” STAR managers ask to be demoted or quit because there was no plan in place to set them up for success. If you are promoting from within – good for you! Just be sure you follow these important steps to help your new managers get rockin’ in their new role!

  1. Schedule regular check ins. Offer to role-play with them when they have to handle their first difficult performance situation.
  2. Provide them with internal support such as a mentor, coach, or monthly roundtables with other new managers. Present real business case studies where they can discuss and brainstorm ideas on how they would handle.
  3. Help them clearly understand how their previous tactical role will now change. They will be required to do more delegating, team building, relationship building, trust building, following up and checking in. Provide examples of what that looks like when done successfully.
  4. Have a heart to heart conversation with them about their management style, their legacy, and the relationships that they want to build with their team. Discuss strategies and action plans to help them get there.
  5. Invest in them. They absolutely need new information and resources to build their “toolbox”. Offer courses, programs, books, lunch-n-learns on topics pertinent to their new role.  Examples might include delegation techniques, effective follow-up strategies, handling difficult performance situations with professionalism, counseling and coaching, building team trust.

These are simple strategies that you can implement today. In the absence of this type of support, chances are high that your new manager will fail in their position. In the end, the fallout hurts more than just the manager ~ it hurts the bottom line, employees, and your reputation.

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