2018 Planning; Walking the Walk

As 2017 winds down and you look to the New Year, it’s a great time for some organizational reflection and soul searching. It’s something I like to do every year – take some time to think about what worked well and what can be improved.

This year, one of the most important lessons I learned was to let go and rely on my team more. I grew my team significantly in 2017 and because I hired selectively, and surrounded myself with good people, I am looking forward to a successful 2018 (thanks, team!) An assessment tool like the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team will help you lead a great team.

To help get you started, try asking these tough questions to prepare for a successful 2018.

  • Are you acting like a leader? You do NOT need to have a leadership title to be a leader. Being a leader means having a positive and powerful influence on your teammates. This includes creating an environment for employee engagement, recognizing and developing talent, and communicating with purpose, respect, and clarity.
  • Are you thinking about your organizational vision and values in a meaningful way? Do a daily check-in to eliminate the waste in your day and keep your mindset – and behaviors – on track.
  • How are you spending your time? Are you constantly putting out fires? Do you set aside time for strategy, planning, and building relationships? If you are always in “urgent” mode, you will never move forward. Take the time daily for these high-value activities.
  • Nobody’s perfect, so take an honest look at your mistakes. What went wrong this year? Write them down and find the learning in each one. Share with your team and encourage them to do the same. Create a safe environment for a “wall of shame.” It’s a great way to build credibility and learn from each other’s blunders.

Start the New Year off on the right foot by doing some reflection today. Happy Holidays from Powers Resource Center!



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